Western Union

Western Union has become a global vital lifeline for money transferring in 345,000 service points in more than 200 countries. W.U is considered as one of the oldest companies in the field of money transfers around the world.

W.U was founded in 1851.The company has adopted strong standards in order to keep its existence and flourishing despite of competition with other companies.

The company’s concept has contributed in establishing trust between the clients and reinforced the principle of secrecy, flexibility, ease, and credibility in sending money since they are considered as substantial principles for the company.

The civilized communication between peoples and understanding the needs of client helped the company in spreading . Quantitative and qualitative progress also helped to promote the concept of money transferring from its material abstract concept into a moral concept.

Since Shamil Bank of Yemen and Bahrain is a major agent for W.U in Yemen, it strives to offer the most elegant and distinct service that reflects the bank’s level in money transferring service for W.U in Yemen, in accordance with the highest certified standards.

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