Payment of Salaries

SHAMIL BANK OF YEMEN & BAHRAIN offers the service of disbursement or payment of the companies’ employees’ salaries, commercial institutions, Government authorities as well as other bodies, by means of using the electronic systems to record and withdraw salaries.  Moreover, the employees benefit from all products and services offered by the Bank, such as ATMs, Murabaha grants, etc.  The Bank therefore offers a valuable service to businesses and their employees, who no longer need to stand in long queues at the end of each month and waste precious time.

Below conditions are applied:

  • A signed agreement between the bank and the concerned party,
  • An official signed and stamped letterhead,
  • A signed and stamped list of the company’s employees,
  • Copies of the company’s employees IDs,
  • Signing on the account opening forms.

For further information about this service, please call: 00967-1-538384

Or visit any of our branches scattered in the Republic of Yemen.