Shamil Bank of Yemen and Bahrain offers the service of issuing L/Cs in all its types. This comes because our banks has been always keen to serve its customers since this service facilitates the operations of exchanging imports and exports according to the accepted basis and commercial documents that guarantees the rights of every part involved. Our bank provides this service to the clients (Traders, corporations, firms) to enable them import goods from overseas in customized specifications from the exporter overseas through the operations of international trading. The bank offers the following L/Cs :

  • Self-financed L/cs or Murabaha L/cs (Sight or Usance ) .
  • Revolving L/cs
  • Payment L/cs.
  • Others.

Through this service and with Shamil bank of Yemen Bahrain our clients can implement their projects and energize their trade easily according to an elegant services and procedures, and accepted conditions.

For further information about this service, please call : +967-1-538384

Or visit any of our branches scattered over the Republic of Yemen.

Become special with Shamil bank of Yemen and Bahrain and achieve your business goals and ambitions.