Shamil Bank of Yemen and Bahrain offers the service of opening saving accounts to all segments of the publics whether adults or infants in all major currencies (Yemeni rial, US dollar, Saudi rial, etc). By means of this service, Bank customers can obtain the best profits on saving accounts in all currencies, thus encouraging and assisting all segments of the public to save for themselves and their children, in order to achieve their aims.
By means of this service, Bank customers can use most of the Bank services available at present or in the near future, as you can deal with saving accounts with all simplicity, flexibility and speed, while depositing or withdrawing at any time from any branch.
To obtain this service and to open a saving account at the Bank, you may visit any of our branches or offices, which are scattered throughout the Republic of Yemen, taking into consideration the following instructions and remarks:
- Signing the Account Opening Agreement
- Signing the Authorized Signature Cards
- Bringing along an original document to verify your identity, such as a personal ID or valid passport, attaching a copy thereof to the Agreement
- Determining the type of currency for the account, as a customer can open an account in more than one currency.
- An account can be opened in the names of a number of persons, with determining the nature of the signature in dealing with the Bank to be determined, whether it will be jointly or solely signature etc.
- An ATM card may be obtained for this service.
- Possibility of withdrawing and depositing in saving accounts at any time the customer wishes.
- Minimum amount to open an investment saving account is 100,000 Yemeni rials or the equivalent in other currencies, while in the case of opening a special investment saving account, minimum amount is 20 million Yemeni rials or the equivalent in other currencies.
- No fees are payable on this type of accounts.
- The funds are invested by the Bank in areas allowed by Islamic Shari-a.
- Possibility of a customer determining the type of investment in the special investment saving account.
- Profits are credited at the end of each month, on the basis of the minimum balance during the month.
- Reinvestment of the special investment saving account automatically after crediting it with its profits.
- Follow the periodic instructions and guidelines issued by the Bank.

For further information about this service, please call : +967-1-538384

Or visit any of our branches scattered over the Republic of Yemen.

With Shamil Bank of Yemen and Bahrain, your money is safe and perfectly invested to gain the best profits available.