Shamil Bank of Yemen and Bahrain offers the service of opening all types of current accounts for the publics, whether adults or infants in all major currencies (Yemeni rial, US dollar, Saudi rial, etc).

By means of this service, Bank customers can enjoy all types of bank services, whether ordinary or electronic, which are available at present or in the future, in such a way that a customer can deal with his/her accounts with the utmost simplicity, flexibility and ease whenever and however he/she wishes.

This service has been made available for you to make use of high quality services that satisfy your various wishes.

To obtain the service and open accounts at the Bank, you may visit any of our branches or offices, which are scattered throughout the Republic of Yemen, taking into consideration the following instructions and remarks:

- Signing the Account Opening Agreement

- Signing the Authorized Signature Cards

- Bringing along an original document to verify your identity, such as a personal ID or a valid passport, attaching a copy thereof to the Agreement.

- Presenting the documents required to open a corporate current account pursuant to the Law.

- Determining the type of currency for the account, as a customer can open an account in more than one currency.

- An account can be opened in the names of a number of persons and determining the nature of the signature in dealing with the Bank, whether it will be solely or jointly etc.

- More than one ATM card can be obtained for this service.

- A cheque book may be obtained for symbolic fees in accordance with the Bank's estimation.

- Possibility of depositing and withdrawing in foreign currencies.

- Possibility of issuing a monthly account statement at the request of the customer to check the transactions performed on the account.

- Possibility of issuing a periodical account statement for the customer.
- Performing domestic and foreign transfers from the account.

- Selling/Buying of different types of currencies.
- A current account is an account guaranteed by the Bank.

- Follow the periodic instructions and guidelines issued by the Bank.

Become special With Shamil Bank of Yemen and Bahrain. No boundaries, borders, or continents with us , the entire world has become a small village. You can manage your accounts from wherever you want and whenever you want..