Debit Cards

Features :

-          Through this card, our clients can execute various types of banking transactions by using ATM machines whether the ATM machine is placed locally or internationally. For instance, our clients can :

  • - Cash withdraw,
  • - Inquiring about balance statement for accounts tied to the card,
  • - Ability to transfer between the clients’ accounts tied to the card,
  • - Ability to print balance statement for the last transactions executed on the account,
  • - Ability to change PIN by using ATM,
  • - Ability to cash withdrawal at all times from more than 5 million ATM machine all over the world.
  • - Our Clients can request an additional card for the same account,
  • - Debit card validity is 2 years renewable.
  • - Our clients can request a card receipt from any branch,
  • - An SMS and an Email will be sent to you as soon as any transaction executed by your card,
  • - Ability to browse you’re your card balance and available balance as well as the executed transactions through the internet,
  • - By a telephonic call to : +9671538383 during working hours, you can cancel the card if lost or stolen or by sending a written letter to customer service fax : +9671538388

Debit Card terms and conditions :

-          The applicant should have a current or saving account with the bank.

-          Filling the ATM card request form .

Credit Cards :

Shamil Bank offers the service of credit cards which is commonly and flexibly used around the world. Our client can cash withdraw from any ATM machine around the world. Also, our client can purchase from any Points of Sales ( POS) around the world or using the card for shopping online.

Features :

-          The card is accepted in more than 22 million point of sale (POS) around the world which spread in hotels, shopping malls, stores, airline companies, , restaurants, and others.

-          Ability of cash withdrawing at any time in more than 6 million ATM machine around the world.

-          Ability to obtain a credit card in Euro or US dollar.

-          Card holders can obtain more than one card in order to be used by their families.

-          Our bank provides a monthly statement including all transactions executed through the card within the month.

-          An SMS and an email will be sent to the client as soon any transaction executed through the card.

-          Ability to increase/ decrease the monthly ceiling for the card according to the client’s request.

Credit Cards types :

  1. - Master Card ( Gold )
  2. - Master Card ( silver)
  3. - Visa Card ( Gold)

Credit cards terms and conditions:

-          The applicant should have a current or saving account in Euro or US dollar with the bank.

-          The customer should determine the monthly ceiling and should cover the suitable cash insurance for the card ceiling.

-          The customer should fill the credit card request form.

Web Surfer Card :

This card is a pre-paid card from Master Card company which can be used for shopping , subscribing, payment of tuition fees, and others by using the internet network only.

Features :

-          Issued by Master Card company,

-          Rechargeable with any amount available.

-          Account opening is not needed,

-          SMS and emails will be received as soon as any transaction executed on the card,

-          Ability to browse balance statement and transactions executed which is related to the card.

-          3 Years validity.

Terms and conditions for web surfer card :

-          filling in the card request form,

-          24$ to be paid against issuance fees.