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Global Trade Services

The global Trade Services team at SBYB blend traditional financial solutions with tailor-made packages specially created to meet your requirements for financing your operations, ensuring payments are received, managing your foreign trade, minimizing risk and saving money and time.

To meet the challenging demands of exporters, importers and local traders, the qualified team equipped with the most advanced technology offers effective and customized solutions. With its strong global network relationship, the Bank can also arrange for confirmation of Letters of Credit and Guarantees at competitive pricing. We have on offer a variety of products some of which are as follows:

Import Letter of Credit

With a strong Relationship across an extensive network of regional and international banks. The Bank issues different types of Letter of Credit to beneficiaries in various countries and provides confirmation at competitive rates.

Export Letter of Credit

To ensure results within the fastest time, the Bank receives and advise Export Letters of Credit to beneficiaries on the same day. And with our distinctive services, you can get advice of Letters of Credit by e-mail and get our advice and assistance in preparing shipping documents at competitive rates.

Guarantees/ Standby Letters of Credits

The bank provides different types of guarantees to meet both your local and international needs within a short span of time. SBYB trade services team is experienced in proactively recommending to clients the best format and method to protect their rights and interest in all guarantee categories (inward and outward).

Documentary Collections

The Bank facilitates the need of buyers and sellers by processing documentary collection for both imports and exports. SBYB provides advice and assistance on collection operations and its international rules to both parties.

Benefits of using our trade services:

  • - Proper channeling and control of trade operations to protect you as exporter or importer.
  • - Original inward or outward SWIFT messages will be faxed and/or emailed to you for your easy reference.
  • - The processes are designed to allow you to obtain your documents quickly while making prompt payment to your suppliers, thus enhancing your business relationships with the suppliers.
  • - Provide you the proper advice and assistance in the trade operations according to the international norms and rules.
  • - Distinctive and competitive banking commissions.

Wire Transfers

Trade Services Dept. executes efficiently money transfers and SBYB in all its branches around YEMEN offers you its Wire Transfer service in major currencies to any place in the world using our wide network of correspondent banks.

Benefits of using our products:

  • - Wire transfers value date are usually same issuance date.
  • - The wire transfer value date can be set dependent on client instructions.
  • - Wire transfers are executed in major currencies to any place in the world.
  • - Beneficiary usually receives the incoming transfers with same value date.
  • - Beneficiary receives the incoming transfers with the same currency.
  • - Distinctive and competitive banking commissions.
  • - Swift Copy of the Wire Transfer will be faxed and/or emailed to you in the same day of issuance for your easy reference.

Dear Valued Customers:

To assure you receive your payments on time and without any delay, please make sure the below information exists correctly in your payments order:

  • - Ordering customer full name without any abbreviation.
  • - Ordering customer address (street name, building number, city, country, P.O.BOX, telephone/fax no.)
  • - Beneficiary’s bank swift code should be correct.
  • - Beneficiary’s IBAN should be a valid IBAN if the IBAN is applied in the beneficiary’s bank country, otherwise correct account number should be presented.
  • - A clear purpose of the payment and should be consistent with your business line and according to the commercial invoice.
  • - Attach a commercial invoice, Performa-invoice, sales contract, etc.
  • - Beneficiary’s full name without any abbreviation.
  • - Beneficiary’s address (street name, building number, city, P.O.BOX, telephone/fax no.)